iPad Sales Brochure application


Looking to convert your sales literature on to the iPad? Welcome to Digital Edition – we can help get your sales material on to an app.

Sales people don’t need to be burdened with heavy sales brochures anymore thanks to the iPad. Digital edition can convert your sales literature into an easy-to-use app for the tablet device, allowing content to be demonstrated infront of your potential clients in a professional manner.

An iPad sales application is ideal for:

  • Sales staff who are on the road demonstrating business products or services
  • Sales people who want to look professional
  • Video demostrations – show your corporate videos directly on the iPad
  • PDF sales literature – documents can easily be navigated and also zoomed into.
  • Product galleries – Show off your products in an elegant style using the iPad

Condense your sales literature with Digital Edition. Save on printing costs too – get a quote on converting your sales literature on to the iPad for easy access for your sales team and also your customers.

Imagine being able to direct your customers to the App Store to show your products, and equipping your staff with the ability to create a quotation directly on the iPad infront of the customer.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements. We can help develop your ultimate sales tool app.

  • Digital Edition is great for:

  • iBooks digital book development
  • iBooks magazine development
  • iBooks company brochure development
  • iBooks interactive book development
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